Let the pet live wonderful every day!

In the long evolutionary history, pets have gradually come into human life and played an essential role. However, we demand more from our pets without realizing we need to give as well. Pets supplies are used as important link between humans and pets which carry the feelings from both sides. As the leading brand of dog bed, LAIFU has been committed to make every pet enjoy a fashionable and comfortable life with its outstanding design concept throughout every detail.

"I've had pets since I was a little child. I love animals like my own children during all my life. Long time ago, people just use animals as tools which is quite unfair for them. They use all their life time to stay with human and human beings make a strict distinction between them and our life. There were few products designed for pets on the market at that time, and most pets were only lucky than stray animals that they don’t need to bear hunger. Pets grow old too, they can be sick with slow movements. I was thinking at that time, animals can be like human beings, recording their joy in the light and shadow of fashion and culture in their young ages. When they are old, they can sleep quietly in their own bed, enjoying the warmth of the fire without enduring the torture of pain.

 Over the years, I met many friends who also loved pets. We founded the brand Laifug together. For the same idea in our mind and our love for pets, we are constantly looking for materials and updating designs. Now Laifug has brought high elasticity, non-deformation, fashion and beautiful bed to pets. Their parents also said that these fashion elements let pets leave a better moment in the camera.

 I am honored to have Laifug accompany them through every unforgettable moment."