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Dropshipping, which is very popular in 2018, has led to a new e-commerce model that allows many small businesses and even individuals to simply sell online. Making money has never been easier, and there is no longer a hard business to do.

But the new business model is littered with shoddy products, with buyers angry about quality and sellers annoyed about service. To solve these problems, laifug decided to provide dropshipping with commercial services and quality products.


To do online sales in dropshipping mode, three problems need to be solved:

1. Can the product supplier provide appropriate product information, including product pictures, video, and features? Taking Shopify as an example, many shop owners use Oberlo or Aliexpress to capture product pictures or copy product features after selecting products.

2. Can the product supplier provide terminal delivery service? In fact, it's a very important part of the whole sales process. Many people hope to find suppliers from China, because the products are of good quality and cheap price, which means greater profits. However, almost all Chinese suppliers will not establish a global warehouse because of the high cost. Basically, they would send a courier from China after receiving orders, with the delivery time about 15 days to 30 days. This could negatively affect the customer experience.

3. Does the product supplier have R&D capability? Many product suppliers do not have the ability to develop their own products, and they copy products in the market to make their own products. If your suppliers do not have their own product features, it will make your sales of products always be flooded in the market, without any competitiveness at all.


As you may know from Laifug, our focus is on pet products (especially dog beds), but we address the above three important issues, and we can even help you with customer service issues:

1. We take pictures of three different styles for each product: product plan, product plan with pets, and product plan in home life. We even offer videos of our products. This could save your costs of materials for the product publicity and promotion.

2. We have warehousing services in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. As long as the local customers place orders through you, they can receive the products within 1-2 days, which greatly improves the shopping experience of customers. At the same time, the price of our products is only a little higher than the Chinese sellers, while our quality is much better.

3. We have our own research and development team. On average, 1-2 new dog bed products are designed and produced every month. We also cooperate with celebrities from Instagram so that our products look quite fashionable.