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We are all extremely pet lovers. Pets are very important family members of us. We might have a few different pets in our life, however we may be the only world to them in their life. Our pets have given all their selfless life-time companionship to us. When we are happy, they are happy for us. When we are sad, they try to cheer us up. No matter where we are and what we want to do, they are forever with us. What we need to do is not only spending more time with them as we can but also understanding them better and taking care of them well. We want to make our family members’ life better and happier. This is what Seedpet aims to do.


We provide all practical high-quality pets products like pet feeding, pet toys, pet furniture, outdoor items and so on for all pet lovers. The raw materials and supplies are selected strictly in order to deliver high-quality products. All the designs are tested to be practical. At the same time, we will choose some excellent brands through comparison, hoping to bring better products to your pet. The reasons we insist to do so are not only we are pet lovers but also the passion of our career.

We all love pets, but most importantly, we need to know them as well. We gonna build a pet blog for our huge pet lovers, we can share all lovely and interesting stories about our little family members to all the friends in the world. We can also discuss all the usual conditions of our pets, let the experienced people solve for you.


Any products with quality issues can be returned within 30 days with original packages. All the other problems about products or shipment, please contact our customer service. We will reply you back as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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