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    Hello, everyone. I am Harry. It is SEEDPET’s first blog. I have been planning to write some pet articles on our website long time ago. However, I was so busy of negotiating with suppliers that I failed to make it real. Recently, I have been idle a little bit, so this idea came out again. I don’t want to extract some scattered knowledge about pets form other places, this article will be written by all my experience according to the professional knowledge from experts. I want to share with you about all the problems that we may face in our lives from birth to death, just like having a pet. Personally, I own a cat and a dog, most of the contents are about cats and dogs. And I’d like to share the daily life of these two little guys with you. You can follow our Facebook and Instagram pages by searching seedpet. Today’s article is an analysis of the possible problems that you may face if you want to have a cat. You can take it as an advice if you want to have a cat but not yet.

  1. You don’t need to walk cats. Yes, that’s right. Cats prefer to have their own space. They don’t want to be tied down to something. Let them stay by themselves.
  2. Cats can take care themselves so they can handle their excretion unlike dogs. Dogs want to spread their scent so they urinate all over territory, while cats want to hide their smell, so they defecate in a certain place and cover it up (except during estrus). Please prepare the cat toilet and litter before having a cat. Cats will excrete in their own toilets all the time by simple training. However, you do need to clean their toilets regularly, preferably once a day. You don't have to buy a cat's nest. Don’t need to purchase cat collars (anti-flea collars, bells). The collars will polish the hair around cats’ necks if they wear them for a long time. The bells will be noisy. No chains, no cages, no cat clothes. Cats don’t like to be tied, all of these will be torture to them. Better to have the trash with lid. Don’t put anything that cats may be interested in the kitchen bin otherwise they will keep finding it in the bin.
  3. Don’t feed milk to the kitten that are aged under three months old. Some cats are naturally lactose intolerant, so feeding them milk can be dangerous which may cause death. To purchase special cat milk power, rinse and then feed with needles. You need to use toilet paper to gently stimulate a kitten's ass to help with defecation for the new born kitties. (Well, I don’t recommend this to a new cat owner)
  4. You can feed them cat food if your cats are over three months old. You need to distinguish between baby cat food and adult cat food and separate feeding bowls and water bowls. Many animals only eat when they feel safe. Cats feel they have two safety places after you separating them.
  5. They sleep almost 16 to 20 hours a day with 2 to 3 times (about half an hour each time) active. Please watch out for breakables like cutlery, cups, vases and so on. Don't put the breakables on the edge of the table or cabinet. They may try to play with them because of their natural curiosity. For this reason, few vases have been broken in my house.
  6. Internal and external insecticides are taken twice a year to prevent the parasites in the body. Generally, local community pet hospitals can solve this problem.
  7. Observe the middle ears of a cat for every one or two months. Then put few drops of ear oil and gently rub them, if the ears are black and dirty.
  8. If your cat is sick, take it to a doctor as soon as possible. Cats are less likely to get sick. But when they do, they are more likely to die. If you find your cat vomits and diarrheas, please take it to a doctor immediately.
  9. It will be fine if a cat vomits. It normally happens when it throws up hair ball, eat too much or eat too fast. The distance of cats’ stomach from their mouths is short and straight. It is easy for cats to vomit. This is also one of the secrets of cats. If you feel something is wrong with what you eat, spit it out, so that you can survive if the food is poisonous. You can grow some cat grass, and they will eat cat grass regularly to stimulate the stomach and help to vomit the accumulated hair in the stomach. If you don’t have cat grass in your house, then you will be worried about other plants. Cats are really weird animals.
  10. If you live in a floor that is higher than 2 floors, you need to consider whether to close the balcony depends on how naughty your cat is. Otherwise you can only be sad and painful, if a cat fall from a high building accidently even though it is agile.
  11. Cats like to bite different cables like computer power cables, cell phone charging cables, earphone cables and so on. You need to warn your cat when it bites your cables by crying down or tapping its forehead, then your cat will notice it cannot bite cables after few times.
  12. Cats normally do not need to take a bath or they can do it at least every six months. Cats have very strong self-care ability and cats’ saliva is the most powerful cleaner. They can clean themselves. Bathing can damage their skin and the close-fitting fluff is not easy to blow dry. Humidity can easily lead to illness including skin disease and cat tinea. And it can cause death for kitties. There is a little fact that cats are originally lived in desert environment, so they hate water. Don't tease them with water like dogs.
  13. Cats like to scratch table legs, sofas. If you have valuable furniture, please consider carefully whether you want to have a cat.
  14. It is better not to have a pet if you are not home often (so do dogs). Cats can stay home alone for two whole days with enough food and water but not for too long. It is not recommended to send a cat to a pet shop for foster care if it is only an occasional short time business trip or travel. Cats are very sensitive to the environments that they are not used to. The environment of pet is not good enough and the pet shop will keep cats in the cage all the time which is not good for cats’ physical and psychological conditions. All these conditions may lead to changes in their personality. The best way to deal with it is to ask a friend to come over to feed and water your cats and clean the cat litter twice a day.
  15. Cats should get sterilization around one year old for both female and male. If it is later than that age, it will be hard to get rid of their amorous moods. And if cats are not neutered and don't mate, they have an effect on their longevity. My male cat has developed the habit of urinating on the couch, and I've changed the second couch.
  16. According to my experience, you don't need to purchase toys for cats. They are curious about everything but they are tired of toys easily. You can find a scrap of paper ball. Trust me, it will be the best toy ever and your cat won’t get tired of playing it over a hundred times.
  17. You need to buy a comb, better be the dense-tooth type. Most cats like to comb their hair, especially in the spring and summer when they shed a lot. They are happy to comb it out, then it will reduce the chance that cats will lick hair into their stomach. There will also be less fluttering at home.
  18. There will still be a lot hair fall out even if you constantly brushing your cat. There are three ways to clean a cat's fur: a vacuum cleaner (for large surfaces, floors, and beds), a debridement brush (for small surfaces, curved surfaces, such as the back of a sofa, or a table top), and a box tape (for cleaning the hair on clothes).
  19. If your cat never goes outside, you need to pay attention not to feed it raw meat in order to prevent parasites in the body. If you are used to cook for your cat, boil the chicken breast will be fine.
  20. Touch the spots that your cat cannot reach it, such as the forehead or shoulder blade. Don't pull the cat's tail. A cat's tail is an important equalizer for cats. Tugging affects their sense of balance. Do not trim the cat beard. The cat beard is an important sense and also a measuring stick. A cat can pass all the width that is the same width as its beard.
  21. Don't let the cat catch all kinds of cotton thread and fine thread. They usually play first, and then they end up in the stomach. This will affect the digestion system causing vomiting. There is no need to be panic, cats will discharge thread in two days. Don’t feed cats food like noodles.
  22. Cats may be too happy to hurt people accidently when playing with cats. Don’t be angry or scold, cats are not intentional. This kind of accidental injury can be reduced by cutting your cats’ nails with nail clippers. The top parts of nails need to be cut off by about 3mm. But if you're a naughty cat who loves to climb the balcony, don't cut her claws. If their nails are not sharp enough, the chance of falling will increase.
  23. You need to pretend to be hurt and bark a bit when you play with a cat and it grabs your fingers. This will let it know that it might hurt you and will let you go immediately. This kind of training is supposed to be learned when kittens play with each other. However, some of them do not get this experience as they live with human beings when they are young. Then you need to teach them.
  24. If your cat is too high and you got scratched accidentally. Don’t need to be worried at all. Apply erythromycin eye ointment and then stick to a bandage to reduce inflammation and pain, then it will heal with no scar left.
  25. Recommendations form CDC (Centers for Disease Control) on the treatment of cats, dogs and ferret bites in order to reduce infection risks, If you were bitten by a cat, dog, or ferret that appeared healthy at the time you were bitten, it can be confined by its owner for 10 days and observed. No anti-rabies prophylaxis is needed. No person in the United States has ever contracted rabies from a dog, cat or ferret held in quarantine for 10 days.
    If a dog, cat, or ferret appeared ill at the time it bit you or becomes ill during the 10-day quarantine, it should be evaluated by a veterinarian for signs of rabies and you should seek medical advice about the need for anti-rabies prophylaxis.
  26. The most common way for cats to detect the outside world is with their nose, followed by scratching, and last with their mouth and teeth.
  27. Cat pads are the only sweat glands. If a cat is like a dog with its tongue out, you need take it to the shade as soon as possible. This means that your cat feels really hot now.
  28. Cats have a poor ability to distinguish between colors, but they are very sensitive to vision. They catch at least half of your flies and mosquitoes.
  29. A cat cannot see the vision within 25cm and it locates by smell and whiskers.
  30. Cats are like people, they have different personalities. It is hard to cheer old cats up. Be careful not to be scratched or bite by your grumpy cat. But if your cat is like my Mr Sheep, you can touch it as much as you want.
  31. When cats get close with you, they may wake you up. When you meow to them, they will meow back. If the cat brushed against you on the cheek, it means your cat treat you as one of his kind. If a cat shows his belly in front of you, it means that cat totally trusts you. You can touch your cat’s cheek gently with the back of your hand (along from the cat’s whiskers), then the cat will know that you like him. When you wink at it slowly, it means you say ‘I love you’ to you cat. Cats are more independent compare to dogs, but they can become dependent on you after spending a long time with you, especially when they spend whole day alone at home. They will try to sit on your body and snore immediately after you arrive home.
  32. Cats can sense human’s emotions. They will come and check you when you are sad and cry. And when you are angry, they will stay quiet.
  33. Cats are able to learn from other cats, so they will copy from them and also cats can understand simple human behavior. For example, when they see someone open the door, they will scratch the door handle with their paws when they want to go out.
  34. Cats really like to bask in the sun. you mush give them somewhere with sunshine. Sunshine can reduce the occurrence of cat ringworm. If your home is very cold in winter, I hope you don't mind that it offers to go to bed every day to help you warm your feet. Cats are extremely sensitive to catnip. Once they smell it, cats will become really excited. If you want buy them toys, buy one with catnip.
  35. There is a cat switch that locates at the back of the neck positions. When you want to control them, you can grab this area then the cat will stop moving and struggling. Don't press down too hard on their body or limbs, that will hurt them. Just grab the back of the neck gently. However, don’t do this when they are in extremely tension or fear conditions.
  36. Don’t force cats to act the way you want them to act. You can seduce them to act on your way in other ways. For example, if you don't want them to go to some high places, just put a few orange peels there, and if you want them to be quiet, just put some water on their backs.
  37. You need to be prepared that your cats will leave you someday in the future. All companionship is temporary, some of them will be long and some of them will be short between people and people, people and animals or animals and animals. When time is up, take care of yourself and let them go confidently. In fact, they have become a part of you that will continue to exist in the world.
  38. You need to prevent and treat black chin/feline ace on your cats. Black chins can be caused by factors such as a cat's physique and eating habits. The serious situation happens that cats’ cheek will get hairy and swollen. You can wash your cats’ cheeks with mild soap or sponge soaked in tea to wipe the affected area, and then apply erythromycin eye ointment to reduce inflammation. You need to change water bowls into metal/ceramic/glass ones, do not use plastic ones. The last two are fragile.
  39. You need to prevent overnutrition. Better to feed your cats cat food only. And you can feed them canned food every two or three days or home-made chicken breast. Cats that eat too well can affect their health. If they don't get much sunlight, they can easily get ringworm, which is hard to find. Ringworm will be found when it is festered that caused by cats caught or bitten.
  40. Dangerous foods and plants that are toxic to cats: cats are pure carnivores and they cannot live without meat. Cats should be careful about human food, even if it looks like it wants to eat it, or if it tastes good, like dried squid. Theobromine in chocolate is toxic to cats. Many fruits are poisonous to cats. Don't feed them fruits. All lilium plants are highly toxic to cats. White lilies are the strongest. It is important to pay attention if you have plants at home. It can cause acute kidney failure and death if cats ingest very little or even not licking. In addition, mothballs, phenol containing cleaners such as drippings are dangerous to cats, and cats sometimes like to smell the disinfectant smell of the drippings, but this can be harmful to them.

    Cats are good companions. They have no concept of owners. They live under the same roof with you as friends. It can bring you some warmth and also troubles. You need to think carefully about all the possibilities that will happen. Don’t give up raising them during half way (the same to dogs). A house cat may not able to survive if it loses its home. Even if it survives, it will be deprived of food and home. The average lifespan of a stray cat is only three years. If you choose to have a cat. Please be responsible.

    We live in a huge world with lots of choices. The cats’ world is really small compare to ours. they can be really happy and peaceful if you can give them a roof over their bodies. they are satisfied if you can give them enough food and water. We are all lives with nothing different. We share accompany with each other for a certain time and warm each other in our life journey.